Prevention of radicalization by combining protective and preventive measures.Visualization dashboard that allows us to do filtered searches in news and articles related to terrorism. Nested queries are made when you click on an item. You will find a list of categories and entities from each person or element you want to filter by. You can also make predefined queries by the Sparql embedded on the dashboard.


On the Participation Dashboard you will see an aggregate of tweets (collected daily) with possible radical content. This aggregate can be filtered based on parameters such as time frame, ideology or narrative. On the other hand, sentiment analysis is performed with LIWC, to analyze parameters such as core drives and needs or personal concerns. You can see the demo where we made some. In the demo you can see a series of sample filtered tweets collected so far. In this way we intend to analyze radicalization in the social network Twitter.


Senpy is a framework to build semantic sentiment and emotion analysis services. It leverages a mix of web and semantic technologies, such as JSON-LD, RDFlib and Flask.. There is a demo available where you can test a live instance of Senpy, with several open source plugins. You can use the playground (a web interface) or the HTTP API.


Sematch is an integrated framework for the development, evaluation, and application of semantic similarity for Knowledge Graphs (KGs). With Sematch dashboard you can find data from DBPedia without making manual queries with Sparql. In the demo you can see how a search for universities that meet certain criteria is performed and how it returns the list obtained from DBpedia with the possibility of downloading the dataset with the results.


EWE Tasker is an emotion-aware automation platform based on semantic ECA (Event-Condition-Action) rules. It is able to enable semantic automation rules in an intelligent environment that allows the user to easily configure their own automation rules. With EWE Tasker, events and actions can be easily configured using the semantic web framework. In this way, further integration of data is achieved, regardless of the source.

Here you will find a list of videos about projects developed with Ewetasker.

Cabify Observatory

The Cabify Sustainable Mobility Observatory is a project to track the sustainable mobility impact on society nowadays. You will see tweets collected daily that are analyzed and can be filtered by categories, words, sentiment analysis or entities. On the other hand, you will see daily news with a series of statistics such as distribution over time or geographic location. All this to perform a complete analysis of the popularity of sustainable mobility topic in social networks and media.