The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) is organizing its first Summit in Madrid at UPM from 17th till 19th June 2015

GSI has organised two slots, one about Big Data Visualisation (Subgroup 6.3 of Task Force TF6) and another one for MixedEmotions project (Sentiment Analysis and Social Media).



Mañana martes Alejandro Saura defiende su pfc, estáis todos invitados.

Alejandro Saura

Development of a framework for GeoLinked Data query and visualization based on web components


This work contains the description of a master thesis focused on the development of Sefarad- 2.0. This system is a web based, semantic data browsing and visualization application. In first place, we analyse the semantic web actual state and its actual growth. We introduce the need of a software that enables to consult and index its data as well as filter and render them. Our starting point is Sefarad 1.0, property of the Intelligent Systems Group GSI 2 . We analyse its strengths and weaknesses, justifying the development of a new version. We also present the studied technologies and justify their choice, taking as result a com- pilation of bleeding edge technologies as Dart and Polymer that assure future developments compatibility. We describe in depth the architecture of our final product, as well as we study each of its submodules. We list and test each prototype step we have take in this project, providing benchmark results, comparing their features, describing their operation, architecture and possible devel- opment alternatives. After that we present the description of the features and architecture of the final system. We apply this system to various practical case studies, being the most important be- tween them SmartOpenData, for which we will develop some concrete widgets and SPARQL queries so we get an equivalent but improved result to the one achieved with the previous Sefarad 1.0 framework. Finally, we present the project conclusions and discuss about future works and possible applications and extensions.


CUÁNDO / DÓNDE: martes 9 de junio a las 10:30 en la B-225



          Carlos A.

El GSI ha presentado recientemente un trabajo sobre la simulación de difusión de rumores en Twitter titulado "A novel agent-based rumor spreading model in Twitter" en el workshop “Modeling Social Media - Behavioral Analytics in social Media, Big Data and the Web” celebrado en la “24th International World Wide Web Conference”. 


El modelo presentado está implementado en el código libre de BigTweet, cuyo vídeo de presentación se puede encontrar en:



Este mes de abril hemos comenzado el proyecto europeo H2020 MixedEmotions (


El proyecto tiene como objetivo realizar Análisis de Emociones MultiModal, combinando información textual, audio, vídeo  e información social. El proyecto parte de los resultados del proyecto FP7 EuroSentiment para seguir un enfoque de la Web de Datos para modelar los recursos lingüísticos y semánticos. En el grupo GSI nos centraremos en el análisis de la propagación de emociones en redes sociales y en el uso del Grafo de Conocimiento (Knowledge Graph) para análisis de emociones.



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