The virtual kick-off of the H2020 project PARTICIPATION (Analyzing and Preventing Extremism Via Participation, SEP-210655026) has been held on 18th December 2021. 

The project PARTICIPATION aims at preventing extremism, radicalization, and polarisation that can lead to violence through more effective social and education policies and interventions that target at-risk groups to be performed through the establishment

of a holistic framework and the engagement\involvment of social actors, local communities, civil society, and policymakers.


UPM-GSI leads WP4, "Contrasting Radicalization, and Extremism via Communication", and its main role in the project is the development of an intelligent NLP engine for detecting the different stages of radicalization in youth. UPM also lead the development of open source methodological tools for evaluating counter and alternative narratives campaigns, so-called PTD (Prevention Tools Database). PTD will be integrated in the open information hub, a platform developed as part of the H2020 project TAKEDOWN, and currently being expanded in 2 ISFP projects (CHAMPIONs and ARMOUR).