Mañana viernes 7 de junio y el lunes 10 de junio, varios miembros del GSI defienden sus trabajos fin de carrera, estáis todos invitados.


Viernes 7 de junio, B225 - TFGs

  • 9:00 Alberto Mújica Ayuso,  Design and implementation of an agent-based social simulation of binge drinking among Spanish youngsters
  • 9:20 Luis Cristóbal Mújica, Development of an Event Detector in Twitter Streams based on Mention-Anomaly Detection for the City of Madrid
  • 9:40 Álvaro de Pablo, Design and Development of a Stylometry Library for Texts in Spanish and English. Application to Terrorist and Radical Texts.
  • 10:00 Sergio Gil, Design and implementation of an API Gateway based on NodeJS and Express
  • 10:20 Luis Martín de Vidales, Design and development of a diabetes and overweight machine learning classifier using social media mining
  • 10:40 Daniel Carlander-Reuterfelt, Development of a Cognitive Bot for Data Science tutoring based on a Big Data Natural Language Analytics Platform
  • 11:00 Alberto Llópez Santiago, Bicycle traffic using OpenStreetMap routing
  • 11:20 Álvaro Garnica, Development of a Data visualization Application for an IoT platform using Javascript Frameworks


Lunes 10 de junio, B225 -  TFMs MUIT

  • 10:50 Alberto Sánchez López, Development of a Food Image Classification System based on Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • 11:15 Diego Benito, Design and Development of a Hate Speech Detector in Social Networks Based on Deep Learning Technologies.
  • 11:40 Pablo Aznar, Development of a Deep Learning based Attack Detection System for Smart Grids