Context-awareness in Task Automation Services by Distributed Event Processing

Miguel Coronado, Ralf Bruns, Jürgen Dunkel & Sebastian Stipković (2014). Context-awareness in Task Automation Services by Distributed Event Processing. In Boualem Benatallah, Azer Bestavros, Barbara Catania, Armin Haller, Yannis Manolopoulos, Athena Vakali et al (editors), Proceedings of the 15th Internacional Conference of Web Information System Engineering (WISE 2014).

Everybody has to coordinate several tasks everyday, usually in a manual manner. Recently, the concept of Task Automation Services has been introduced to automate and personalize the task coordination problem. Several user centered platforms and applications have arisen in the last years, that let their users configure their very own automations based on third party services. In this paper, we propose a new system architecture for Task Automation Services in a heterogeneous mobile, smart devices, and cloud services environment. Our architecture is based on the novel idea to employ distributed Complex Event Processing to implement innovative mixed execution profiles. The major advantage of the approach is its ability to incorporate context-awareness and real-time coordination in Task Automation Services.