A Multilingual Web-based Educational System for Professional Musicians

Carlos A. Iglesias, Marta Sánchez, Álvaro Guibert, María José Guibert & Emilia Gómez (2006). A Multilingual Web-based Educational System for Professional Musicians. In Current Developments in Technology-Assisted Education (2006), pages 247-251. Sevilla, España.

This paper presents the main results of the eContent HARMOS project. The project has developed a webbased educational system for professional musicians. The main idea of the project consists of recording master classes taught by highly recognised maestros and annotate this multimedia material using an educational musical taxonomy and automatic annotation tools. Users of the system access a multi-criteria search engine that allows them to find and play video segments according to a combination of criteria, which include instrument, teacher, composer, composition, movement and pedagogical concept. In order to preserve teachers and students rights, a DRM and protection system has been developed. The system is being publicly exploited. This model preserves musical heritage, since these valuable master classes are usually not recorded and it also provides a sustainable model for musical institutions.