IR and Sentiment Analysis


In this area we work on the analysis of feelings and emotions in social networks, semantic search and NLP interfaces, and  the development of tools for word processing.

This field works in the development of tools for word processing in Spanish (ARIESprojects, CRATER, ATILA and accordion). These projects have developed:

  • Lexical resources: ARIES platform, with more than 40,000 slogans in Spanish,covering more than 500,000 inflected forms.
  • Tools: Libraries of tools for building applications. In particular, access and efficient management of large volumes lexical, morphological analyzers, taggers, parsers,etc.
  • Applications: constructed from the available tools. These include applications for indexing and retrieval, spell checking, style checking, etc.
  • Applications for Sentiment and Emotion analysis in the projects EuroSentiment and Financial Twitter Tracker
  • Personal assistants that combine Question-Answering techniques, semantic search based on Big Data and intelligent agents

In the area of sentiment and emotion analysis, GSI follows two research lines:Google Glass and Sentiment Analysis

  • Application of semantic technologies to sentiment and emotion analysis
  • Application of social network analysis techniques for detecting the influence and propagation of sentiments and emotions

As a result of this research, GSI is co-chairing the W3C Community Group 'Linked Data Models for Sentiment and Emotion Analysis', and has defined the vocabularies Marl and Onyx for representing, interlinking and reasoning about sentiments and emotions, respectively.


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Research areas: IR and Sentiment Analysis
Proposed start date: 2023-02-01
Proposed end date: 2024-12-31
Research areas: IR and Sentiment Analysis
Proposed start date: 2020-12-01
Proposed end date: 2023-11-30