Agent Oriented Methodologies

Carlos A. Iglesias & Mercedes Garijo (2005). Agent Oriented Methodologies, chapter The Agent-, pages 46-78. IGI Global.

This chapter introduces the main concepts of the methodology MAS-CommonKADS that extends object-oriented and knowledge engineering techniques for the conceptualisation of multi-agent systems. MAS-CommonKADS defines a set of models (Agent Model, Task Model, Expertise Model, Coordination Model, Communication Model, Organisation Model, and Design Model) that together provide a model of the problem to be solved. Each of the components of the model is a generic component for the sake of reusability. Readers familiar with object-oriented analysis will find it easy to apply most of the techniques of MAS-CommonKADS in the development of multi-agent systems and will be introduced to the application of knowledge engineering techniques for specifying the knowledge of the agents.