Design and Development of a MultiDevice Platform for Preventing Bullying in Schools

Cano de Santayana Escudero, C. (2020). Design and Development of a MultiDevice Platform for Preventing Bullying in Schools. Final Career Project (TFM). Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSI Telecomunicación.

The project covers the process of designing and developing an online platform destined to schools where the different users can login and have the possibility of performing different actions depending on their role. For the development and the programming, we are using technologies such as PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In addition to the online platform, we are creating a mobile app using React Native, a pretty new but established technology developed by Facebook. The admin has the power to upload the posts in the platform and is the responsible of creating new schools and register the counselor for each of them. He also has access to all the data of the schools, the teachers and the students in order to manage any problem that may appear. The platform includes different dynamics, posts and games that will be used by the teachers in class to educate the students in the development of a healthy environment in class free of bullying and other abuses. Each class possesses its own section where teachers and students can upload the different activities they perform during the course and the dynamics related to the platform. Stu- dent’s posts will have to be previously accepted by teachers to avoid inappropriate content. The platform also includes a messaging service between the students and their families and the school’s responsible in case they need to contact the school regarding any prob- lem in class. To make students feel safer, they have the option of writing these messages anonymously so the message will only indicate the class they are in. In addition, each class has a survey that all students can fill where they are able to point out which students are their friends, which are good to work with or which of them suffer bullying of any type. These results are analyzed afterwards and sent back to the school in order to detect specific problems with students or general problems in some classes.