Semantic Modeling of a VLC-Enabled Task Automation Platform for Smart Offices

Sergio Muñoz López, Carlos A. Iglesias, Andrei Scheianu & George Suciu. (2022). Semantic Modeling of a VLC-Enabled Task Automation Platform for Smart Offices. Electronics, 11 (3), 326.

The evolution of ambient intelligence has introduced a range of new opportunities to improve people’s well-being. One of these opportunities is the use of these technologies to enhance workplaces and improve employees’ comfort and productivity. However, these technologies often entail two major challenges: the requirement for fast and reliable data transmission between the vast number of devices connected simultaneously, and the interoperability between these devices. Conventional communication technologies present some drawbacks in these kinds of systems, such as lower data rates and electromagnetic interference, which have prompted research into new wireless communication technologies. One of these technologies is visible light communication (VLC), which uses existing light in an environment to transmit data. Its characteristics make it an up-and-coming technology for IoT services but also aggravate the interoperability challenge. To facilitate the continuous communication of the enormous amount of heterogeneous data generated, highly agile data models are required. The semantic approach tackles this problem by switching from ad hoc application-centric representation models and formats to a formal definition of concepts and relationships. This paper aims to advance the state of the art by proposing a semantic vocabulary for an intelligent automation platform with VLC enabled, which benefits from the advantages of VLC while ensuring the scalability and interoperability of all system components. Thus, the main contributions of this work are threefold: (i) the design and definition of a semantic model for an automation platform; (ii) the development of a prototype automation platform based on a VLC-based communication system; and (iii) the integration and validation of the proposed semantic model in the VLC-based automation platform.
JCR 2020 Q2 2.397, SJR 2020 Q2 0.36, Scopus 2020 Q2 2.7