Development of a Beacon enabled Content Delivery System for Alzheimer’s patients equipped with Google Glass

Daniel Paniagua-Caro. (2016). Development of a Beacon enabled Content Delivery System for Alzheimer’s patients equipped with Google Glass. Trabajo Fin de Titulación. ETSI Telecomunicación, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

This thesis collects the result of a project whose objective is to develop and deploy a smart context aware content delivery system for Alzheimer’s patients, which helps them increase their independence and improve their memory. To achieve this we will use two cognitive stimulation techniques reality orientation board and mental imagery. The scenario unfolds in a intelligent home, which is based on proximity aware Estimote beacons and where the patient should be equipped with Google Glass. Based on their location as well as their semantic profile, they system will select and deliver content to their Google Glass wearables. Furthermore, the caregivers and family can manage the information to be shown to Alzheimer’s patients through a Content Management Server. In addition, they can define adaptable rules using semantic technologies from Task Automation Server. The system has be validated in various e-Health scenarios for Alzheimer’s patients. In these the system enables temporal and spatial orientation, the patient can detect nearby items and the Glass displays information about their relatives if they are in the proximities. Furthermore, it shows self-referential imagery using old pictures where the patient is next to the family member. The application also help the patient to remember routine task and provide warning about potential risks. The last scenario evaluated is incontinence case, where the patient receives message that should go to the bathroom if he has not gone during the period of time indicated by caregivers using semantic rules in the server, and family receive an email notifying the situation. Finally, we present the conclusions of the work and the possible future work that could be done in order to improve the project.