Task Automation Services: Automation for the masses

Miguel Coronado & Carlos A. Iglesias. (2016). Task Automation Services: Automation for the masses. Internet Computing, IEEE, 20 (1), 52-58.

A simple model of mashup technology for combining services and connected devices is now becoming popular. This model is frequently known as 'task automation' based on ECA (Event-Condition-Action) rules. The most popular online services that follow this approach are Ifttt and Zapier. In addition, this model is being followed by several mobile frameworks, such as on{x}, Automateit or Tasker, to automate how the phone deals with the incoming Internet events and phone sensors. This article outlines the features and components of task automation services, and proposes a generic architecture that supports the current challenges. Finally, as task automation services are a growing trend, this article surveys their characteristics, comparing existing platforms and discussing their evolution and future tendencies.
JCR 2016 Q2 1,521, SJR 2016 Q2 0.503, Scopus 2016 Q1 4.8