This week the results of the project H2020 Trivalent are being evaluated in Rome by the LEA (Law Enforcement Agency) partners.

In particular, the LEAs participating in the meeting are Madrid Municipal Police (Spain), Royal Military Academy (Belgium),  Local Police Voorkempen (Belgium), Ministero della Giustizia – Polizia Penitenziaria (Italy), Regional Police  Headquarters in Radom (Poland)Bureau of Prevention of the National Police Headquarters of the Republic of Poland (Poland), Ministry of the Interior – Department of Public Security (Italy), The State Police of Latvia (Latvia), Portuguese Prison and Probation Service (Portugal), Local Police of Turin (Italy), Provincial Police Headquarters in Gdansk (Poland) and Albanian State Police (Albania). 

The project has developed a dashboard for radicalization monitoring in news, lead by GSI, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, as well as a tool for evaluating the social and private radicalization level of Twitter accounts, lead by Open University.