Metadata and Licence Model for Music Resources in VARIAZIONI

Paolo Nesi () (2008). Metadata and Licence Model for Music Resources in VARIAZIONI. In Paolo Nesi (editor), Proceedings of the 4rd International Conference on Automated solutions for Cross Media Content and Multi-channel Distribution, pages 117-124. Florence, Italy : Firenze Press.

This article introduces the music metadata model and the licence model defined within the eContentPlus VARIAZIONI project 1, based on FRBR. After analysing the limitation of traditional cataloguing approaches for music, and the difficulties of applying FRBR, the Variazioni metadata model defines a flexible model that takes into account the different nature of musical assets (libretto, master class, live recording, poster, etc.) as well as the musical analyst requirements and structural metadata between different media files. This metadata model is complemented by a licence model defined in MPEG-21 and implemented with Axmedis technology.