Development of a Data visualization Application for an IoT platform using Javascript Frameworks

Álvaro Garnica Navarro. (2019). Development of a Data visualization Application for an IoT platform using Javascript Frameworks. Final Career Project (TFG). Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSI Telecomunicación.

This document is the result of a project whose objective has been the design and imple- mentation of a comprehensive visualization system simple to use for an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. In the first instance, a comprehensive study was conducted to determine which technolo- gies fit better with the established requirements. The final decision was to use the MEAN Stack with Javascript libraries and frameworks. To offer the IoT platform a complete visualization system, the visualization is separated in two: application data visualization and system data visualization. The first one allows the user to visualize all the data from the connected devices on the IoT platform in real time with dashboards of six charts. The system data visualization gives an insight of the deployment of the IoT platform, composed of data processing servers and communication links between them. To achieve this it is developed a web application integrated in the IoT platform. The client side is implemented with Angular and uses a Node.js server with an Express API to communicate with the database. The database used is MongoDB and stores the dashboards. The visualization is carried out with different Javascript libraries: Leaflet, CanvasJS, Vis.js and D3.js. In addition, it has been implemented an IoT topology management module that enables the user to design a new topology for the IoT platform. Our end product is a web application which provides an environment to create, manage and visualize data through dashboards. This data visualization system can be used for data analysis to improve the platform’s performance.