Design and implementation of a Social Media Monitoring Web Application based on React framework and Elasticsearch

Álvaro Fernández Rivero. (2019). Design and implementation of a Social Media Monitoring Web Application based on React framework and Elasticsearch. Final Career Project (TFG). Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSI Telecomunicación.

The increasing use of social networks is having an impact on society which is shown more lately. A great percentage of this use is represented by the expression of public opinion about multiple themes. The impact of users? opinions is more and more important for business, thus, the more data we are able to get and analyze, the more they will help us in the future. Social Media Monitoring tools try to analyze this data, and they give us interfaces to interact with them. On this project, we are going to create a Social Media Monitoring tool for the social network Twitter. Specifically, we are going to develop a graphic interface in which we can select a theme or people that we want to analyze, in order to filter between the whole tweets, analyzing their content and their potential impact. When we were thinking on this project, we thought about two specific cases of use which guide us in the project, although it will be a general tool. The first case of use is the data analysis of tweets of potential terrorists, in which we can see if they are planning an attack or the relation between them and another terrorists. The second one, so different from the first, is the data analysis of tweets of a company, their mentions, hashtags, opinions about their products, etc. To carry out this implementation, we are going to use some tools. First of all, we must index the data obtained from Twitter to an Elasticsearch server. Then, in web design, we have chosen React framework, with the help of SearchKit, which supports ElasticSearch in the React framework. Furthermore, we are going to use multiple tools which allow us to analyze and visualize data in the website. Once data obtained and visualized, the user can interact with them, getting the results that he wants. The project finishes with conclusions about the implementation and development of the interface, and the potential impact in companies and society.