Design and Implementation of a Messaging Module for Smart Space Automation compatible with WAMP and MQTT Protocols

Pablo Viñals Lage. (2018). Design and Implementation of a Messaging Module for Smart Space Automation compatible with WAMP and MQTT Protocols. Final Career Project (TFG). Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, ETSIT, Mandrid.

Internet of Things has seen an increase in its use, the University’s group GSI has taken this opportunity and has developed a tool called EWE Tasker that connects devices between them. Various objectives have been accomplished in this project and have been displayed in this thesis. First, the creation and design of an appropriate middleware for EWE Tasker, so that this middleware processes the events of the devices connected. The second objective is the design and implementation of a web site so that all the information that goes through the middleware will be represented. Crossbar has been used to develop the middleware. EWE Tasker receives the events through the HTTP Protocol, for a device to be compatible with EWE Tasker needs to send the petitions to EWE Tasker through HTTP. Crossbar is compatible with HTTP, WAMP and MQTT, so the range of the devices compatible with EWE Tasker is increased. These devices can send the events through HTTP, WAMP or MQTT since Crossbar will process them the same way and will redirect them into EWE Tasker through HTTP. The other way works similarly, EWE Tasker answers to Crossbar through HTTP, and Crossbar will redirect the answer to the correct device with the right protocol. Crossbar is also capable of listening to more events simultaneously, so EWE Tasker increases the devices that can be connected at the same time. Sefarad, ElasticSearch and Polymer have been used to design and implement the web site. Crossbar stores the event’s information in ElasticSearch and Sefarad loads this information from ElasticSearch so that Sefarad is able to represent in a simple web site all the information with Polymer. As a result, this project enables the extension of compatible devices with EWE Tasker; also, it will allow for the extension of the number of devices connected simultaneously to EWE Tasker; to finish, it will provide a way to visualize all the information that goes through Crossbar at any moment.