A Metadirectory of Web Components for Mashup Composition

José Ignacio Fernández-Villamor, Carlos A. Iglesias & Mercedes Garijo. (2012). A Metadirectory of Web Components for Mashup Composition. Journal of Universal Computer Science, 18 (17), 2407-2431.

Because of the growing availability of third-party APIs, services, widgets and any other reusable web component, mashup developers now face a vast amount of candidate components for their developments. Moreover, these components quite often are scattered in many different repositories and web sites, which makes difficult their selection or discovery. In this paper, we discuss the problem of component selection in Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) and Mashup-Driven Development, and introduce the Linked Mashups Ontology (LiMOn), a model that allows describing mashups and their components for integrating and sharing mashup information such as categorization or dependencies. The model has allowed the building of an integrated, centralized metadirectory of web components for query and selection, which has served to evaluate the model. The metadirectory allows accessing various heterogeneous repositories of mashups and web components while using external information from the Linked Data cloud, helping mashup development.
JCR 2012 Q3 0.762, SJR 2012 Q3 0.392, Scopus 2012 Q2 1.8