An Ontology for Formalising Agreement Patterns in Auction Markets

José Javier Durán & Carlos A. Iglesias (2010). An Ontology for Formalising Agreement Patterns in Auction Markets. In Marc Esteva, Alberto Fernández, Adriana Giret & Vicente Julián (editors), Proceedings of the Third Workshop on Agreement Technologies, pages 53-64. Bahía Blanca, Argentine : CEUR.

Knowledge and best practices on auction systems are currently disseminated across the research literature, which limits its access, reuse, evaluation and feedback by practitioners. This article presents a systematic approach to collect this knowledge as design patterns, in order to provide assistance to software developers. An ontology has been defined for formalising design patterns in auction systems, with the aim of improving its searchability by software developers. Finally, a case study illustrates how the proposed pattern ontology provides assistance in the development of a dynamic pricing model for an e-commerce service.