Behaviour Driven Development for Multi-Agent Systems

Álvaro Carrera Barroso, Jorge Juan Solitario & Carlos A. Iglesias (2012). Behaviour Driven Development for Multi-Agent Systems. In Alessandro Ricci, Ana García-Fornes, Danny Weyns, Jose M. Such, Juan M. Alberola, Michal Pechoucek et al (editors), INFRASTRUCTURES AND TOOLS FOR MULTIAGENT SYSTEMS, pages 113-120.

This paper presents a testing methodology to apply Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) techniques while developing Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), so called BEhavioural Agent Simple Testing (BEAST) methodology. It is supported by the developed open source framework (BEAST Tool) which automatically generates test cases skeletons from BDD scenarios specifications. The developed framework allows testing MASs based on JADE or JADEX platforms and offers a set of configurable Mock Agents which allow the execution of tests while the system is under development. BEAST tool has been validated in the development of a MAS for fault diagnosis in FTTH (Fiber To The Home) networks.