Onyx: Describing Emotions on the Web of Data

J. Fernando Sánchez-Rada & Carlos A. Iglesias (2013). Onyx: Describing Emotions on the Web of Data. In Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Emotion and Sentiment in Social and Expressive Media: approaches and perspectives from AI (ESSEM 2013), pages 71-82. Torino, Italy : CEUR-WS.

There are several different standardised and widespread formats to represent emotions. However, there is no standard semantic model yet. This paper presents a new ontology, called Onyx, that aims to become such a standard while adding concepts from the latest Semantic Web models. In particular, the ontology focuses on the representation of Emotion Analysis results. But the model is abstract and inherits from previous standards and formats. It can thus be used as a reference representation of emotions in any future application or ontology. To prove this, we have translated resources from EmotionML representation to Onyx. We also present several ways in which developers could benefit from using this ontology instead of an ad-hoc presentation. Our ultimate goal is to foster the use of semantic technologies for emotion Analysis while following the Linked Data ideals.