Development of a Common Sense Reasoning Agent for Smart Home Automation

Alejandro López. (2013). Development of a Common Sense Reasoning Agent for Smart Home Automation. Final Career Project (TFG). ETSI Telecomunicación, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

This thesis presents ’Sensato’, a common sense knowledge system with the objective of helping the users in the development of Smart Home related tasks. This systems aims to offer information about how are some elements used in Smart Home Automation tasks, and give the necessary steps in order to complete that task, for the use of human beings or other pieces of software. The system covers all the stages of the process, starting from the knowledge acquisition, the extraction of the information contained on it, the adaptation int a knowledge base and the development of a final agent. We will discuss in detail the processing of the knowledge in order to fulfil our objectives, as well as the study of metrics that will help us to measure the efficiency of our system. In order to achieve such objectives, we will study some tools such as Ollie, ReVerb or ConceptNet, among others, modifying them in order to satisfy our needs. We will also develop new pieces of software to accomplish the goals defined. This document shows the architecture of the proposed solution, as well as the detail of the implementation of each module. Also, some example use cases of the platform are shown, although the scope is not limited to them.