Nuevo seminario MOSI-AGIL: 28 noviembre 2017

El próximo martes 28 de noviembre a las 10:30 en la Sala 007 del edificio de Gestión de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Jeremias Dötterl, investigador asociado del Software Architecture Research Group de Hochschule Hannover — University of Applied Sciences and Arts, impartirá el seminario “Event Stream Analysis in Multi-Agent Systems”.

Breve resumen: With the ongoing emergence of sensor devices and smartphones, more data becomes available to intelligent software systems to understand occurrences in the physical world. Multi-Agent Systems (MAS) are an established paradigm for the construction of intelligent systems. In MAS, autonomous computing entities, called agents, interact with each other in order to solve complex tasks. While MAS are a mature and proved paradigm to solve complicated problems, current agent approaches are not primarily designed to be operated in sensor environments, where event data arrives in large volumes and with high velocity. Furthermore, single sensor events carry often very little information when observed in isolation. To obtain higher-level knowledge, relations between multiple events have to be analyzed. In this talk, we introduce Event-Driven Agents as a novel approach that enables agents to act in sensor environments. Through event stream analysis, Event-Driven Agents are able to detect higher-level situations in streams of low-level sensor data. Moreover, we show how event stream processing techniques can be used to detect situations occurring in public bike sharing systems. The situations are used to recommend suitable destinations for the users of the bike sharing system.