Nuevo seminario MOSI-AGIL: 6 junio 2016

El próximo lunes 6 de junio a las 11:00 en la Sala de Reuniones de la Facultad de Informática de la UCM el profesor Jürgen Dunkel, de la Hochschule Hannover (University of Applied Sciences and Arts), impartirá el seminario «CARS and Beacons:  Context-aware Recommender Systems using Indoor Localization».

Breve resumen: Context-Aware Recommender Systems (CARS) use context (e.g. location of the users, weather, time, mood, etc.) to recommend items or activities a user is potentially interested in. The Talk presents an innovative architecture for push-based CARS that integrates different description and reasoning approaches. Complex Event Processing (CEP) is applied on live-data to provide situation awareness. Ontologies and semantic rules are used to define domain expertise that allow individualized and domain-specific recommendations. Furthermore, different approaches for indoor location of particular users are discussed including the recently introduced Beacon technology.