Improving Hardware Reuse through XML-based Interface Encapsulation

Miguel A. Sánchez, Marisa López-Vallejo, Carlos López-Barrio & Carlos A. Iglesias (2012). Improving Hardware Reuse through XML-based Interface Encapsulation. In Proceedings 17th International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems (ICECCS), 2012, pages 49-56.

This work proposes an encapsulation scheme aimed at simplifying the reuse process of hardware cores. This hardware encapsulation approach has been conceived with a twofold objective. First, we look for the improvement of the reuse interface associated with the hardware core description. This is carried out in a first encapsulation level by improving the limited types and configuration options available in the conventional HDLs interface, and also providing information related to the implementation itself. Second, we have devised a more generic interface focused on describing the function avoiding details from a particular implementation, what corresponds to a second encapsulation level. This encapsulation allows the designer to define how to configure and use the design to implement a given functionality. The proposed encapsulation schemes help improving the amount of information that can be supplied with the design, and also allow to automate the process of searching, configuring and implementing diverse alternatives.